Peergust reduces your bandwidth costs up to 90%

Lower Costs

Break free from high bandwidth costs.
Simple pricing. Simple setup.

Faster Streaming

Supersede any CDN. You’re more powerful with your visitors.


Host millions of users without any hiccups. Peer-to-peer streaming power

Plug-in Free

It's all in the browser. No extra downloads. No plug-ins. No third party software.

Story of Peergust

“Peergust liberates content by distrupting tollgates of traditional delivery networks.”

Ten years ago, we started our first venture in the CDN marketplace, a company currently runs 18% of Turkey’s internet traffic today.

In a country that has 75 million people who often struggle with imposed restrictions on the internet, we grew a deep interest in ensuring people across the globe could readily access content.

We wanted to honor internet pioneers’ original mission: to build a connected network that allowed for open collaboration and information sharing.

How It Works

Our peer-to-peer enabled distributed architecture will help content owners not only save on bandwidth costs, but also will enable visitors to watch streams on higher quality.

Add a small JS code to your site

Our wizard will help you build a custom player and integration code for you to add to your website in a mere of minutes.

Peergust Gets to Work

Supported on more than 1,5 billion devices already, Peergust will orchestrate the data flow between connected visitors with the most efficient way. Our smart scheduler scores visitors every second based on their uplink speed and robustness to prevent overloading.

Analyze the flow

With our advanced analytics page, you can view how much you are saving, the hit rate, the geolocation information and more. Peergust is free during beta stage..

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