About Us

PeerGust is a next-generation CDN that grows with your audience.

Story of Peergust

“Peergust liberates content by distrupting tollgates of traditional delivery networks.”

Ten years ago, we started our first venture in the CDN marketplace, a company currently runs 18% of Turkey’s internet traffic today.

In a country that has 75 million people who often struggle with imposed restrictions on the internet, we grew a deep interest in ensuring people across the globe could readily access content.

We wanted to honor internet pioneers’ original mission: to build a connected network that allowed for open collaboration and information sharing.

To achieve in this, we identified two pressing issues:

  • There are inherent scalability limitations with current server hardware, and
  • Existing content delivery networks (CDNs) create a cost prohibitive model that make it too hard for startups to succeed while greatly diminishing the profits of any live platforms, content aggregators and native video networks.

We addressed these issues so that our clients can deliver truly on-demand experiences. Together with 10 team members we built a product that cuts VOD & Live streaming costs by 90% so that everyone can speedily share content while easing the bandwidth delivery burden out of the media companies.

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