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PeerGust is a next-generation CDN that grows with your audience.

PeerGust is a next-generation CDN that grows with your audience. The traditional system for content delivery works as following: You as the content provider pay CDNs for a faster and scalable content delivery. These networks transmit your data to your viewers all around the world for you. However, what they can offer is limited due to server capacities. As more users view the content, the quality of delivery may decrease and even stop at peak demands. Peergust comes to your help at this point. We create a mesh network where the content is fetched to your viewers from other viewers who have already fetched the data from servers. Thus, we create a decentralized architecture that reduces the demand on the servers and can grow without limits. That is how the magic works.
Peergust offers a system where the viewer fetches the content from another viewer. So, the stream comes from closer and multiple sources and the content is delivered faster. The algorithm of Peergust connects the user with the best available peers to make sure that the user gets the best experience possible.
Only publicly available video traffic is being shared among visitors. Publishing copyrighted material is at the responsibility of the publisher.
Never! While you are enjoying a better and a faster stream with our P2P technology, CDNs are simultaneously used as well. This way, if the content cannot be loaded from peers, it will be fetched from CDNs. So, if something goes wrong, the slowest stream you can ever get is the same as what you would get without Peergust. Along with this, Peergust protects the viewers from experiencing server related temporary problems as the content is being delivered from peers and not the server. Your stream will be smoother than ever.
Peergust creates a peer supported network mesh where all visitors are connected to each other. As this network grows and more users are connected, the better the connections will be. Unlike CDNs that overload when too many people are connected, Peergust works exactly the opposite. Peak demands are not to be afraid of anymore.
Our P2P delivered data is encrypted with the state-of-the-art US government approved AES-256 method. Any unauthorised access to the contents are prevented while all what is shared among the peers is encrypted. You will never have to worry about the safety for viewers.
Normally, you as the content providers pay CDNs because you use their servers for a faster content delivery. Naturally, they charge according to the amount of data they transmit. With Peergust, you use these servers as little as possible by using P2P connections as a better, faster and a cheaper alternative. Peergust’s cost effectivity is more observable during the peak demand periods. While your CDN cost keeps increasing as more viewers connect, you will see that it will stay fixed with Peergust.
No. Peergust works without the need of any additional downloads, installs, plug-ins or third party softwares.
Peergust currently supported on Android based Chrome browsers. It will soon be available on all browsers.
Yes. We have a specially designed Mobile SDK which will help you deliver the content in a peer-to-peer fashion while easing on your bandwidth bills on native apps too.
Yes. Peergust aims to help you understand your audience better and improve your quality of service. You can keep an eye on your visitors’ behaviours with our beautifully designed dashboard. You can see the number of viewers, their origin, browsers, traffic usage patterns and more.

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